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Simplify your life and insurance portfolio

Arranging insurance cover for your assets is vital to protect your investments and wealth. Private client insurers, like Portcullis Private Client, focus on offering superior products and personal service as they understand the needs, expectations and busy lifestyles of clients.

Private Client Insurance

If you have non-standard requirements, it is highly probable that private client policies will be highly advantageous. They are tailored to your needs and are aligned specifically to your unique assets and their values. From the outset, you and the insurer have a clear understanding of what is insured and its value. By reducing the number of unknowns, risk can be assessed more precisely which enables the cover to be priced accordingly. With Portcullis Private Client managing your portfolio you have the added benefit of market insight and competitive quotes across a range of established and highly reputable insurers within the private client area. This delivers total peace of mind as private client policies typically offer more generous cover, carry fewer warranties and restrictive conditions and operate on the basis of exemplary customer service; most notably in the unfortunate event of a claim.

Ultra-High-Net-Worth Portfolio

Should you or your client have a global portfolio of insurance assets, spread across multiple territories and insurance providers, Portcullis Private Client will review the portfolio and if appropriate restructure to achieve the correct balance, protection, and benefits between Insured Risk and Retained Risk.

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