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Our process

We work with private clients who recognise that valuing an insurance policy by the price paid is a false economy when it comes to the right kind of protection and when making a claim. As a client, you benefit from our simple and effective process to ensure your individual needs are matched to an appropriate insurer. The process consists of six steps:

Step 1: Lifestyle

We invest the time in you to understand your individual needs and requirements. We also determine at this stage whether you will need any additional risk management services, for example appraisal, valuations, and security surveys

Step 2: Protection

We access the private client market and begin the matching process, talking to our network of established private client insurers to obtain the best mix of price and cover

Step 3: Advise

We advise you of the market responses, highlight any restrictions or requests for further information, and provide a schedule of providers, cover and price

Step 4: Acceptance

The final decision is yours. We will support your decision making by providing all the information you need through a Key Facts statement, and additional expert insight to ensure that the choice you make is the right one. Once you have made your final decision we then place your insurance with the chosen provider, and complete the final documentation to ensure all material facts have been declared

Step 5: Support

Every six months, as a minimum, your Private Client Director will contact you to discuss any changes in your lifestyle and insurance requirements, ensure any external market conditions are being reflected in your insurance cover, and where necessary report these to your insurer. Clearly over and above this minimum requirement we are available to discuss any issue you have as and when you need further clarification

Step 6: Claim

Should you need to make a claim we will support you throughout the claims lifecycle, liaising with the insurance company and appointed representatives, to ensure an accelerated claim conclusion. Should the high quality customer service you can expect from the insurer fail to meet your expectations, we will intervene on your behalf until a satisfactory position is reached

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